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July 12, 2009

Sore back after gardening

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Hi everyone,

I just worked with a client who spent yesterday in her garden and today her lower back is really sore.    

Here’s an exercise that I recommend for all gardeners.   It’s not really a “true” Pilates exercise but one that I borrowed from a physiotherapist named Robin McKenzie.  Robin is one of the world’s experts on lower back pain.   

When we garden, we are almost always bent forward!   That puts a lot of strain on the muscles of the lower back because they are stretching as well as holding the weight of our upper body.    So I recommend this exercise be done every half hour while you’re out in the garden.   It only takes a minute and it will make you feel SOOOO much better!

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart.   standing mckenzie back arch
  2. Keep your knees fairly straight.
  3. Place your hands behind you, in the small of your back.  Your fingers should point inward.
  4. Now imagine that you are doing a back dive and arch backwards over your hands.  
  5. Hold for 2 or 3 breaths and relax.
  6. Repeat 2 or 3 times and you’ll feel great!

Let me know how you feel and if you have any questions!




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