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July 10, 2012

 Personalizing Pilates BBB Accredited!


Personalizing Pilates is now Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited!   That means that you can purchase and download my Pilates MP3 workouts without any worries or hassles!    I have always promised great workouts and great service and now you have the BBB’s guarantee as well.    You can preview and purchase workouts at or simply click on the gravatar on the right hand side of this page.

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March 31, 2012

Great Glutes!

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I have a wonderful client who refers to the back of her thighs as “the dead zone”!    So we always do this exercise in class, just for her.  It’s a great exercise to strengthen and shape the backs of your thighs and your glutes.  And it will strengthen your deepest abs so that your tummy is flatter!

Your primary goal doing this exercise is to keep your hips level.

Start with both feet flat on the floor.  Arms rest by your sides.   Starting at your tailbone, start to curl your spine up off the mat one vertebra at a time until your hips are floating in the air.  Check if your hips are level, left to right as in the first photo.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, draw your navel towards your spine and lift your right foot off the mat just a couple of inches as in the second (are your hips still level???).   Place your foot down and switch.    Work up to doing 10 repetitions in total (5 each side).

Modification:   If you cannot lift your foot off, try lifting just your heel off the mat keeping your toes down, as if you were wearing a high heel on one foot.  Once your hamstrings, glutes and abs get stronger, try lifting the whole foot.

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